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Chronometrics: Chapter 1

Chronometrics: Chapter 1Dr. Chrono had stopped paying attention to faces. He saw so many of them, day in and day out, that committing them all to memory was a strain on his mind. These days, if he

ChronoCrypto HUNT Airdrop

Hello, I want to do something cool within the SteemHunt Community. Since there are many products being hunted daily, and not all get rewards and or HUNT tokens I want to assist in that, every day before

Hunt Token Stats Today

The 24 Hour Volume looks strong as well, at around $750,024 in BTC coming in and out. Looks like there are both big buys and big sells. Quick price projection is looking like $.025 by end of

A WLS witness point of view

The huge and lively community that both Bitshares and Steem have built around their ecosystems clearly indicates that within those models is the key for crypto mass adoption. Therefore Whaleshares emerges as the best combination of the


The price of HUNT for the IEO was set at $.02 it is currently at $.015 it looks to be down a bit close to 25%. The market is there and buyers are there I believe the

Hunt Token Opening Day Early Stats

Well Hunt has been listed on Daybit, as announced Here. The Numbers are small and might be frighting but, keep in mind this always happens when there is no buy pressure in a new coin. But As

Steem-Engine Having some Node Issues

Looks like the Team is well aware of some of the issues. Missing buys and missing tokens. It seems like the Main Node of Steem-Engine is having issues. @inertia posted two screenshots one of Steem-Engine and one

[Event] HUNT Listing on BTC Market

Woke up today to this very nice message. This is DAYBIT Team.  Dear users, We’re excited to announce that we’re listing HUNT on DAYBIT, along with special promotions. Please check our listing schedule and policy about the

Steem-Engine and Tokens

Chronocrypto here with some cool information and some positions I am getting into. I have decided to check out steem-engine since steemit (the company) are really fucking up with the way they are going for steemit. SMT

A Digital New Species – AI

Ultimately if you had a situation in which you have a digital intelligence or digital life form, assuming that this life-form can evolve, so. For example, it can copy itself into different data centers it can make