Introducing @ChronoBoost a simple yet powerful bot that gives your work a boost, Sharing 100% bot earnings with all our delegators | Min SP Delegation: 10 SP
Everything is running smoothly on the servers.
Chronoboost is listed on the Steem Upvote Bot Tracker real soon.
This is a call to all SP holders @chronoboost is looking for delegators that want to support and earn 100% of what the bot makes.

Chronoboost will also reward delegators with free random votes to your posts.
Delegate to ChronoBoost With the steembottracker tool.
Minimal to earn any SBD or Steem is 10 SP.

The return is 100% of your delegation paid daily, this is all done automatically. Minus the curation since the only way would be to power down.

Ps: Vote window for @chronoboost is 2.5 hours with max post age 3.5 Days.

We are also working on a nice web-based dashboard for you to see current and past rounds to jump in when its profitable or not.