Hello, Young cannabis Jedis

We at Chronopolis Headquarters the same folks that bring you your favorite SmokeD Explorer and the very first Community Full RPC Node so you can connect and experience 24/7 fast and slick performance from it, are asking the smoke community for some assistance in the future development of such tools and other great ideas that we know you will fully enjoy, in order to continue to grow and provide great tools and fast reliable servers we are asking for some small funding.

Now keep in mind we are running a block producer but that is not covering the massive explosion of traffic the RPC and SmokeD have experience within the last couple of days, don’t get it wrong it is dope that, that is happening it means the Smoke network is growing at a nice rapid speed.

We know you all love SmokeD, now imagine it with many more data outputs and features, such as price feeds, total accounts, current blocks and something else that will blow your minds, literally.

Considering Smoke is getting larger and the blockchain is becoming as well larger, another endpoint for the amazing dapps and tools and maybe even platforms based on the Smoke blockchain there has to bee more connection options available at the moment there are only two which is Smoke’s RPC and Our RPC, we need to beef it up to allow more connections and more traffic, and of course all the API’s that the smoke network allows.

Strain Review Platform
How does a Strain review Dapp sound like to you? I bet you are smacking your lips right about now, well that is also in the works, and you better believe Smoke will be a big player in Marijuana product review sector.

Now of course if there will be Dapps and outside platforms connected and running off the Smoke blockchain there will have to be a way to connect, just as steemconnect does so everyone’s Keys will not just be copied and pasted on sites, they must be encrypted and verified with tokens.

What about a Dice game running on the Smoke Blockchain yes with real smoke tokens, I bet you would love that as well, To be honest here is a test game running on the Steem blockchain and will be ported and modified to fit Smoke’s criteria.

Smoker Dapp
Now the big kicker that we all would love to have, a platform that will allow you to add authors and a dapp that you can use when you feel like Smoke.io is not up to par in what you are looking for, think about a Steempeak but for Smoke in house review platform right in the dashboard maybe even a market for products and such can be created within, the sky’s the limit.

Well as stated before all the juicy details, it comes down to trying to fund the massive servers needed to run all these badboys, which this post is about coming to the community and passing out this information to see if you are interested in helping boost the development of such apps. We are not asking for a handout of course but just some assisting in creating and completing these massive projects that will not only be super rad but also give Smoke the boost and visibility it needs and wants.

So what do you say? Lets through some smoke at BTS: chrono-polis so we can complete these Dapps and tools for gold old smokey!