On the Smoke blockchain, witnesses serve a role of validating signatures and timestamping transactions by including them in blocks. A block is any group of transactions (posts, votes, transfers, etc) which update the state of the database. Each time a witness produces a block, they are paid for their service. If a witness fails to produce a block, then they are not paid, and may even be voted out.

Witnesses are generally expected to manage a reliable block producing node, implement a failover system, maintain a public seed node, tune blockchain operating parameters, but since Smoke is a infant blockchain most of the above mentioned are not rarely implemented yet.

As a Smoke user who wants to see this platform continue to grow and flourish, we all have 30 votes to cast for any Smoke witness of our choice and I will say this is the most important 30 votes you will ever cast on this platform.

Lets call them Blockchain Guardians or a slight used term block producers.

Meet our Blockchain Guardians is a series put in place to know more about our very own witnesses, there roles and obligations. We need them as much as they needs us. Our witness are the leaders on the platform and thus it is our paramount importance that we due our due diligence before casting our votes.

Today I had the opportunity to interview a person that helped me out from the start of my Smoke journey and I am very grateful for this person.

Join me as I welcome @smokeasaurusrex to, Meet Our Blockchain Guardians.

What brought you to Smoke?

  • Id have to say love for censorship resistance and an affinity for all things DPoS.

What got you interested in becoming a Witness?

  • I became interested in being a witness when I realised that I could leverage the proceeds, made possible by running a witness node, to further education to the masses, many of which who are unfamiliar with blockchain or DPoS chains. We can only grow these projects by stepping outside of our collective comfort zones.

What have you developed for Smoke?

  • I’m not a developer, although I do have some other projects in mind, but what I’m bringing to the table is managing the Official Smoke.io social media accounts to cross promote with other DPoS chains’ social media accounts I help to manage as well. My focus is education, not only to those aware of blockchain tech, but moreso, those that don’t realize it even exists. Building communities one day at a time.

Being a witness takes a lot of time and energy, how do you keep a balance between this and other commitments?

  • I dont 😂 I’m also a witness on two other DPoS chains. Between staying active on the platforms, their telegrams, discord servers, and social media accounts, it leaves little time for other commitments. Luckily I’ve gotten to a place over the last year that I can focus on these things as I find them quite revolutionary. A sacrifice of self for the betterment of us all, of sorts.

Where do you see Smoke in 5 years?

  • I’m not even sure it will take 5 years, but I see smoke being the go to social platform for all things cannabis related. If you’re a cannabis connoisseur, this WILL be the place you come to and that’s an amazing vision.

When you are not in front of your computer helping the Smoke community, what other hobbies do you have?

  • ……another 😂 moment. If I can pry myself away, one major “hobby” I have is carpentry. We bought an old Victorian era house and it’s currently in various stages of remodeling for the past year. This is what I used to do by trade until I found blockchain. Truth of the matter is, things get done around here a lot slower than my woman would like, due to our community involvement. It’ll all be worth it in the end. Actual hobbies include travelling, ziplining, wrenching on old cars and bikes, music and and last but not least, my kids.

If you could only vote for one witness (not yourself) who would it be and why?

  • Just one….? I think this is everyone’s answer. Powerpics. I’ll tell ya why….This guy is tireless, he’s omnipresent, he doesn’t slow down. It’s very inspirational when you look around and you wish you had more hours in a day, then you see this guy pop up everywhere, constantly…..building communities, running hangouts, and doing everything he does, it’s nothing short of mind blowing. In all honesty, there are many that bring their own value, including you Chrono. Each are irreplaceable.

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

  • It would be the ability to clone myself, like Jamie Madrox. Smoke an ounce to that! 😤

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a couple questions for our community. 🤝🏻

As Smoke users we need to do everything in our power to choose Block Guardians that will represent the community well. Before voting make sure you do some research on the people you are voting for and be informed. Head over to https://smoke.io/~witnesses and click on some of the witnesses names, get to know them a bit better and do your part to make sure this community thrives.

Now that you have read something about @smokeasaurusrex, It will be good and kind of you to show them some love by going to the witness page, search the box and type @smokeasaurusrex to cast your vote for them as your Block Producer.

Please catch our next Meet Our Blockchain Guardians soon. Take Care.

Meet our Blockchain Guardians Series:


Thank you for reading, I @chronocrypto one of your top Witnesses thank you for your time.


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