Hello, Just as the title says you are already on Steemit why not mine Steem at the same time…

okay, okay sure you cannot mine Steem traditionally any more but there is a wonderful service that lets you earn Steem while you are brainstorming that amazing post.

MinnowSmith mines Steem for you

It uses your CPU power to mine monero but it pays you in steem, now who does not like some extra steem for doing absolutely nothing.. Minnowsmith uses your cpu in the background to mine monero while letting you use your PC to continue creating content.

we are all mining steem with our minds, why not mine with your CPU.

Please read bellow @minnowsmith‘s introduction

MinnowSmith Intro

(Permission was given to use)

I’m MinnowSmith, a new way to earn Steem Dollars right in your browser. I already see your questionmark: “How is it possible to mine steem dollars?”. Good Question! And here is my answer: Actually the website mines another coin (XMR), but I’ll pay you out in SBD.


New users to the steem network in most cases don’t have a big influence, because upvotes are worth like nothing and it’s hard to get something out of it in the beginning. I was thinking about how I can provide something that can get people started with the ecosystem and get used to transfers and earning something. Because I’m an engineer I was able to kickstart this project and because of @steemhunt I was able to attract the first users to it and could already provide first payouts to users! That’s already a small success to me. 🙂


  • Mine in your browser and get paid based on submitted hashes
  • Payout happens daily when the treshold of 0.001$ is met
  • daily update post with payout and development changes
  • You can easily mine for a minnow by using his username on the website (he will get the payout instead of you)
  • Users can see the daily top list on the webpage
  • Users get 5% bonus when following me (@minnowsmith)

Some Math

The current needed hashes per 0.001$ = 250,000. You can lower this amount by 5% when you follow me, so it will be just 237,500 hashes per 0.001$.

Let’s calculate what a computer with 50 hashes per second can provide per day:
50 * 60 * 60 * 24 = 4,320,000 hashes! (hashes * seconds * minutes * hours)
4,320,000 / 237,500 = ~18,18 = 0.018$

That doesn’t seem a lot but can help a minnow to get started and used to the steem ecosystem. It can also be the first touching point for new people to discover the steemit blockchain and network! So if you find this useful, spread a word or share an article about it. 🙂

How do I get started?

Two simple steps.

  1. Go to Minnowsmith.party
  2. Enter your Steemit name, and click start. Easy

No this does not damage your pc/laptop no there are no viruses, it just uses your CPU to mine XMR and pays you in Steem daily.

The payout happens automatically every 24h when your account balance is at least 0.001 STEEM (This will be changed in the future to be more custom and flexible). You will receive the payout from @minnowsmith. The current rate is 250.000 hashes for 0.001 STEEM. (This rate will be calculated on the network difficulty in the future)

This application is developed with love by @spotted. Follow @minnowsmith

I fully support this project. You should too it helps to earn a bit of steem.