Good Morning Whaleshareians 😍 Small update for WhaleD

You might have noticed it crashing quite a bit that was due to it being accessed much more than the beginning so we bumped up the server stats, due to the factor the memory kept getting filled so we figured to add more of it. 💪

The server is now Running a bit faster this is also due in part because we have connected it to the Chronopolis Whaleshares RPC FULL NODE Which is a tad faster. Will have to improve on that as well.

Some new data you might have noticed as well, since we have opened WhaleD as an open source project hoping the community will contribute to it, we have added some new data stats for you one big one that people where asking for was the TimeStamp which you can see below

Time stamps shows Minutes, Hours and Days.
The Follow and Unfollow feature have also been implemented, the universal Follow Un-follow (Both parties can see that in their respected account)should be up soon as well

WhaleD is OpenSource

As we have asked before if you are not able to contribute but still have some data you would like to see on WhaleD please let us know by commenting below, but if you are able to contribute we would be happy to further the development of WhaleD. Check out the Github

Finally notes: We are still tweaking the speed of how fast the data is displayed and the page tabs below to reflect the pages for each, Thank you for your patience with this project and we hope it has helped you in finding out the data you seek.


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