We have been working day in and day out in regards to WLS and Smoke tools, and we have a nice little surprise we are getting closer to completing WhaleD to its fullest, with added block explorer and within such blocks you are able to verify the transactions completed within those blocks.

Here are some screenshots to see the changes.
As you can see, the page is a bit more compressed to have a cleaner look and feel. This is in the profile page say of mine***

Here is the main page of WhaleD, where you can see the blocks being processed by the witnesses, and with in those blocks you are are to check the block transactions.

Which sends you to this page, now if the block that was produced contain transactions you will be able to verify them here, considering Whaleshares.io is not as bit as steem it might take a while for all the blocks to contain transactions.

Now if a block that was produced does not contain any transactions than you would get this page. A pissed off whale through his blocks!

Well that is it for the small update and nice cute additions for you to love.